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by Ocelot

Instrumental tracks recorded live at Studio West in Rancho Bernardo, California by Daniel Bourget. Vocals and overdubs recorded at Ursa Polaris Studio and Barking Elf Ranch by Andrew Ware and Stephanie Brown. Album mixed and mastered by Jordan Andreen at Audiodesign and by Andrew Ware.

Album Cover artwork by Alan Forbes, album design by Andrew Ware and Ursa Polaris Records.

Physical releases featuring artwork by Shane Donaldson, David Ball, and Will Zampatti; and featuring photography by Dana Trippe

Thanks to Chan Man and his Batman, Nick Pourfard, Shayla Thernes and the DIO fest crew, Booze Brothers, Andrew Rowley, Jordan Andreen, Schmitty, our supporters, our families, and especially our parents for their eternal love and support